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TTYL is the next self care movement of the 21st Century. A phone free community with all your favorite board games, coloring books, and other de-stressing activities while giving your mind a rest from social media.

By keeping your phone out of reach, you have the unique opportunity to connect with friends—and maybe make some new ones—on a deeper level and remind your brain that there are other ways to spend your downtime.

TTYL has been popping up around NYC since January in locations such as Showfields, The Phluid Project and Tijuana Picnic. Our events have featured tarot card readings, singers and comedians. Check out our events page to see the awesome stuff we have in store :)

unplug for a cause with lilspace

Unplug for 30 mins on the app under TTYL NYC and receive 25% off my next event with the code :)


"I love the idea of TTYL! It's so important to maintain our connections to one another- without the distraction of technology-  and I think initiatives such as this one are a great start."

— Allison Abrams, a licensed psychotherapist,

mental health advocate, author and contributing writer for:

Psychology Today, Huffington Post and GoodTherapy

“What a wonderful gift TTYL is offering you. The opportunity to really connect with people, to have nothing between you and another person except space, to allow you to jump off the hamster wheel of social media, to slow your life down to analog speed, to see and experience what you are really missing out on (not just FOMO!), namely, the meaning and joy of real human connection. Once you try it, I think you’ll want to do it again and again and again, all thanks to TTYL.

—Dr. Jim Taylor, author

Raising Generation Tech: Prepare Your Children for a Media-fueled World

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