TTYL is a fun, judgement-free zone.

It's a space to be loud, get creative, and start socializing.

Imagine a space where nobody cares what you look like because nothing is being documented. Without your phone, you can worry less about the superficial stuff and become more engaged with what's going on in the present moment. Use this time to open up the kid inside of you, be silly, artsy, and just live in the now.

TTYL is a social club dedicated to human connection.
Whether or not that means to connect with others or yourself, TTYL provides the space you need to be free of the world's distractions—including social media and the news—that we are constantly reminded of on our personal devices. Unlike other social clubs, TTYL encourages both individual reflection and social engagement.  Each activity station provides a different outlet that caters to your mood.  In addition, making new friends is just as encouraged as branching out from the ones you came with. 

TTYL is a place to let loose and be yourself.

This is where you stop caring about what other people think and show everyone your true colors.









TTYL is open to...
All the singles out there! What better way to meet someone than in person? And give your thumbs a break from swiping through Tinder.
All the lovers! This is a great place for a date... or a double... or a quadruple one.
All the corporate junkies! This is the place for you to get away from the screen and the stress.
All the starving artists! That idea you've been sitting on for a month might just click as you let your mind wander in this space.
All the people who say, "I think I'm gunna stay in tonight." Roll out of your apartment in sweats and come join us. No one is judging you because we all just did the same thing.
All the people who've deleted at least one social media app. This is DEFINITELY the place for you.
All the people who are nostalgic for the past! Oh boy are you in for a treat.


TTYL craves a fluid environment of activity hopping.

Whatever your gut is telling you to do in the moment, go for it! After you move your right hand to green on the Twister board, build a Play-Doh castle and then laugh until your stomach hurts with Cards Against Humanity. And if you need an extra player, don't hesitate to ask the person who is intensely coloring in the corner.

TTYL is welcome to everyone.As much as we don't want to admit it, we all need a social media detox and TTYL provides the space to do just that. When you leave, you will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

Having FOMO?  It doesn't exist at TTYL!

© 2018 TTYL

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